Weakening the blows of sand and dust storms through better land management 

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Strong winds carrying dust clouds from the world’s deserts and marginal drylands – otherwise known as sand and dust storms (SDS) – cause much destruction.

They affect dryland farmers’ livelihoods by removing fertile topsoil and smothering crops and livestock. SDS also travel thousands of kilometers to people in cities and towns, creating health complications and bringing transport such as aircraft to a standstill.

To limit SDS threats to global drylands’ rural livelihoods, population health, and economies, ICARDA partnered with FAO in October 2020 to implement the ‘Catalyzing investments and actions to enhance resilience against Sand and Dust Storms in agriculture’ project.

The project aims to address SDS-related challenges on small dryland family farmers by working side-by-side with donors, academic institutions, partner countries, and local community members across the drylands.

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