Join ClimBeR at CGIAR Science Week in Nairobi, Kenya

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CGIAR Science Week is a call to the global community for greater investment in climate and agriculture R&D to design a sustainable, food-secure future where those most vulnerable are resilient to climate shocks and impacts. Unlocking innovation for climate resilience requires a combination of investment in climate and agriculture R&D, the right mix of strategic partnerships, and co-creating solutions together with the communities that need them the most.

At CGIAR Science Week, ClimBeR will demonstrate:

  • How our science helps enhance resilience through the transformative adaptation of land, water, and food systems
  • How our innovations help address climate action/climate resilience
  • How we co-design and co-create solutions together with partners and local communities to spur locally-led climate action for community resilience
  • How we integrate a social equity approach to operationalize transformative methodologies and minimize maladapation

The CGIAR Research Initiative on Climate Resilience (#ClimBeR) will be at CGIAR Science Week and participate in, and lead several events.

Register here to join us at CGIAR Science Week:

Find our schedule of #ClimBeR-related events below:

1 1st July 10:30 am-12:00 The CGIAR AWARE Platform: Transforming Early Warning into Early Action for Climate Resilience CW114 Giriraj Amarnath/IWMI, ClimBeR
2 2nd July 12:30-14:30 Presentation of Climate Mega Program CR1 Convenor and co-convener of Climate MP
3 3rd July 16:00-17:30 Linking the last mile through digital agricultural services delivered with a human touch CR9


Ukama Ustawi, Resilient Cities, SAPLING, ClimBeR, Livestock and Climate, AICCRA, Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT, IITA, One Health and ILRI
4 4th July 8:00 – 11:30 Advancing CGIAR Science through Digital Innovations and Data-Driven Practices CR9 IFPRI, IWMI, ABC, ICARDA, CIP, IRRI
5 4th July 16:30-18:00 Strengthening Agrifood Systems with Integrated Drought Management: Innovations in Early Warning and Action in Africa and South Asia CW113 Giriraj Amarnath/IWMI, NEXUS Gains, ClimBeR, AICCRA, TAFS-WCA
6 5th July 10:00 to 13:30 Science innovations to accelerate climate action for food, land and water systems transformation in a climate crisis – science to build upon CR10 MITIGATE+ and ClimBeR, HER+, Livestock & Climate, NEXUS Gains, AICCRA, Climate Impact Platform
7 5th July 14:00-20:00


Predicting food crises caused by food price shocks and climate insecurity CR10 The Food Security Portal team at IFPRI


For updates on #ClimBeR at #CGIARScienceWeek, follow us @CGIARClimate or on Linkedin here.

Visit the CGIAR Science Week page for updates, virtual sessions, registration, and more.

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Access the daily schedule of events at CGIAR Science Week here

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