Innovation Showcase: The CGIAR AWARE Platform, Transforming Early Warning into Early Action for Climate Resilience

  • Date
  • Time
    10:30 am > 12:00 pm UTC+03:00
  • Location
    United Nations, CW114, Nairobi, Kenya

Thematic Areas: Climate Action, Institutional Innovations, Capacity Sharing, Gender & Inclusion, Digital and Data

Climate change is intensifying the frequency and severity of extreme weather events, posing unprecedented threats to vulnerable communities and ecosystems worldwide. Early Warning Systems (EWS) are crucial for mitigating these impacts, but their effectiveness hinges on timely and coordinated action. The CGIAR ClimBeR AWARE Platform initiative presents a groundbreaking approach that bridges the gap between early warning and early action. This side event will showcase the AWARE Platform’s innovative approach, highlighting its integration of cutting-edge technologies, climate data, and community-based knowledge to generate actionable early warnings. It will demonstrate how the platform empowers stakeholders across sectors – from farmers and pastoralists to policymakers and humanitarian organizations – to make informed decisions and implement anticipatory actions that safeguard lives, livelihoods, and ecosystems.

Through interactive presentations, case studies, and expert discussions, participants will gain insights into:

  • The AWARE Platform’s unique features and capabilities, including its focus on risk financing and anticipatory action protocols.
  • The role of co-production and participatory approaches in ensuring the platform’s relevance and effectiveness for local communities.
  • The potential of the AWARE Platform to revolutionize climate resilience efforts in Africa and beyond.

The short film will demonstrate the capabilities of the AWARE innovation and its implementation in Senegal, Zambia and Sri Lanka. Examples of Sri Lanka anticipatory action simulation demonstrate the practical solution by community organizations at the local level and adopt community-centered approaches, cross-sectoral collaboration.

Join us for this engaging side event to explore the transformative potential of the AWARE Platform in building a more resilient future for all.


  • Giriraj Amarnath, Principal Researcher Disaster Risk Management and Climate Resilience, IWMI
  • Ana Maria Loboguerrero Rodriguez, Director Climate Action, ABC
  • Ministry of Water Resources, Nepal