WorldFish is a global leader in aquatic food systems research and innovation for healthy people and planet. Science and partnerships are the foundation of our work. Our team delivers robust evidence to policymakers and technological innovations to producers, value chain actors, and consumers in order to transform food systems. In this series, we profile our emerging scientists, early career researchers who are already making a significant contribution to fisheries and aquaculture.

Yee Mon Aung is a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Agricultural Science in the Tropics at the University of Hohenheim in Germany. Prior to joining her PhD program, she worked as an assistant lecturer at Yezin Agricultural University, where she acquired seven years of experience in research and academia. Her doctoral research investigates the potential of Myanmar’s aquaculture sector to provide alternative livelihoods and income-generating activities, as part of the WorldFish-led SPAITS project. Aung’s research explores small-scale aquaculture’s capacity to improve food and nutrition security, alleviate poverty, and advance gender equality.

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