The Climate and Us

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Film 2: The ancient invention critical to daily life
Film 3: The future of Egypt's fisheries
Film 1: The leaf helping yam farmers stop pests
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Film 4
The dairy farmers securing milk supply

The impacts of climate change pose significant challenges to dairy production, affecting milk quantity, quality and overall sustainability. The MoreMilk project focuses on enhancing milk safety for consumers while improving the business practices and profitability of milk vendors. And, the African Dairy Genetic Gains project aims to enhance the productivity and resilience of African dairy cattle by developing adapted genetics.

About the Series

This film is one of four short films produced for CGIAR by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions as part of the “Climate and Us” series.

“The Climate and Us” is produced in collaboration with the Global Climate and Health Alliance and explores solutions to some of the most pressing climate and health challenges. ​

CGIAR’s contribution will encourage audiences to consider climate and health through the perspective of food, land and water transformation.​

Each film tells the stories of individuals, communities and researchers that are driving transformative change by measuring the impact of climate change on human health, mitigating climate change to protect human health and adapting our environments and ways of working to create resilient systems that can withstand the effects of the climate emergency.