Influence of different nitrogen fertilizer sources and rates on nitrogen use efficiency and N2O emissions of tropical pasture grasses

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• Use of nitrogen (N) fertilizer plays an important role in improving global food security through increase in crop and livestock productivity. Efficient use of N can reduce economic losses to
livestock farmers while alleviating the adverse effects on the environment.

• The use of N fertilizer with different doses and sources such as calcareous ammonium nitrate (CAN), urea and ammonium sulfate is practiced in intensive livestock systems based on temperate grasses grown under upland. But there is limited knowledge on efficient use of N fertilizer for reducing nitrous oxide (N2O) emission from different tropical pasture grasses grown under lowland.

• The current crisis of low availability and high prices of N fertilizers highlights the need to improve N use efficiency and reduce N2O emission from livestock systems in the tropics

Bastidas, M.; Villegas, D.M.; Rao, I.M.; Ruden, A.; Vivas-Quila, N.J.; Gutierrez, J.F.; Amado, M.; Berdugo, C.; Arango, J.

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