Enabling decision-makers with localized, policy-relevant climate evidence: CGIAR launches the Climate Security Observatory (CSO) Platform

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Climate is linked to conflict, acts as a multiplier, and exacerbates the risk of crisis and instability. Although this is widely recognized in the science-policy landscape, there is a lack of solid, localized, and policy-relevant evidence on how exactly climate security risks can arise in different geographical contexts.

To address this, CGIAR created The Climate Security Observatory (CSO), a game-changing platform for stakeholder decision-making that provides access to various global climate and security-related analyses.

On May 23, 2023, CGIAR Focus Climate Security, with the CGIAR Initiatives on Climate Resilience; Agrilac Resiliente; Fragility, Conflict, and Migration; and Livestock and Climate, partnered with the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP), Geneva Peacebuilding Platform (GPP), the United Nations University for Center Policy Research, to launch the CSO platform to a selected audience of government officials, policymakers, and various decision-makers and stakeholders. Hosted by GCSP at their office in Geneva and broadcast simultaneously worldwide via Zoom, the event provided a space for discussing the new CSO platform and the importance of peace and security in the context of a fast-changing climate

Tan, E.

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