How to take forest landscape restoration to the next level

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Europe – Governments around the world have pledged over 150 million hectares of forested land for restoration, but only five million have been subject to such interventions so far.

“We already know how to restore degraded landscapes at small scales, but uncertainty remains as to how to create a global movement that is well resourced, socially supported and technically competent,” says Jaboury Ghazoul, plant ecologist at ETH Zürich and organizer of the 2018 Latsis Symposium.

Held in Zurich rom 6–7 and 9 June, the event brought together scientists and practitioners from various disciplines around the challenge of scaling up forest landscape restoration (FLR) to meet regional and global goals.

It was “a first step in generating a common vision on how to scale up FLR globally,” says Manuel Guariguata, Senior Scientist at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). Read the full story on Forests News.

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