IKEA assembles plan to be carbon negative by 2030

By keeping its design high, prices low, service quick and ice cream fresh at the ends of its labyrinthian warehouses, IKEA has become the world’s largest furniture retailer by creating positive shopping experiences for homemakers worldwide.

Yet to ensure its longevity, IKEA has been increasing its investment in a different relationship – one with the planet. Having revamped its 2012-launched People & Planet Positive sustainability strategy last June, the company, which had EUR 34.1 billion in 2017 sales, is no longer content achieving net-zero carbon emissions. By 2030, IKEA aims to have its operations actually reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere as well as inspire 1 billion people to live more sustainable lives at home by making climate-positive furnishings an easy requisite rather than a luxury (despite those linen sheets suggesting otherwise).

Landscape News spoke with Inter IKEA Group‘s head of climate Andreas Ahrens on the company’s changing business model that will take it to these goals. Read the full interview on Landscape News.