A global strategy for the conservation and use of coconut genetic resources

An updated global strategy launched by the International Coconut Genetic Resources Network/Bioversity International aims to advance research, conservation and production of rich coconut biodiversity to boost linked livelihoods.


The International Coconut Genetic Resources Network (COGENT)/Bioversity International has just published an updated version of the Global Strategy for Conservation and Use of Coconut Genetic Resources compiled by Dr Roland Bourdeix and Dr Alexia Prades of CIRAD, which will be formally launched at the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community 48th COCOTECH meeting in Bangkok 20–24 August 2018. An implementation plan will be discussed at a COGENT side meeting on 25–26 August.

COGENT is an independent network embracing 39 coconut-producing member countries, representing more than 98% of global production. COGENT aims to strengthen international collaboration in the conservation and use of coconut genetic resources, to promote improving coconut production on a sustainable basis, and to boost livelihoods and incomes of coconut stakeholders in developing countries.