G-20 members stressed on increasing climate finance to help farmers take up adaptation measures, says Agriculture Secy (Press Trust of India)  

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The G-20 members stressed the need to increase climate finance to help farmers take up adaptation measures to mitigate the climate change impact on the farm sector, Indian Agriculture Secretary Manoj Ahuja said addressing the media on the concluding day of the G20 first Agriculture Deputies’ Meeting in Indore, India, according to a press-release by the Press Trust of India.

The three-day event of the first G20 Agriculture Deputies Meeting of the Agriculture Working Group (AWG) concluded on Wednesday.

Around 100 delegates, including representatives of international organizations like FAO, IFAD, and IFPRI, attended the event.

Republished by The Economic Times (India),  Hindu Business Line (India), My Big Plunge (India), Topology Pro-One, Business Standard (India), Republic World (India). 

Rob Vos, Director of the Markets, Trade, and Institutions Division, represented IFPRI at the event.

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