‘Forget tree planting, start tree growing’

It’s 2019, the world is changing at a rapid pace, why agroforestry?

With the changes we are observing, agroforestry can play a critical role; it can help to address the major issues we are talking about, like climate change. The biggest advantage of agroforestry is that it can help to mitigate climate change while at the same time contributing to the adaptation agenda. From the mitigation side, agroforestry is the simplest technology in terms of what the farmers —smallholders — can do on their farms. It means people plant and grow more trees on the land that they have, so they are sequestering more carbon. As you know from photosynthesis, it is picking up the carbon from the atmosphere and putting it into the biomass and it is keeping it there. So that’s a sequestration benefit that gives a direct contribution to climate-change mitigation.

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