Dala Rieko: Transforming Siaya County's Agriculture Scene with Climate-Smart Agriculture Innovations

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Dala Rieko: Nurturing Resilience in the Face of Climate Change

Dala Rieko was born out of a vision to combat the pressing issue of climate change and its far-reaching impacts on local communities. It serves as an innovation and resource center, striving to empower the communities in the region to not only cope with climate change but also enhance their agricultural productivity. The CBO’s motto reflects their unwavering dedication: “We exist to identify the community strengths and build upon them to create positive, long-lasting changes.” They epitomize local champions who are creating an enabling environment for knowledge sharing and promoting sustainable practices.

Innovations in Climate-Smart Agriculture

Our visit to Dala Rieko introduced us to a myriad of climate-smart practices that are transforming the agricultural landscape in Siaya County. These innovations are not just improving livelihoods but also promoting sustainability. Some of the key initiatives being implemented by Dala Rieko include:

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