Claudia Sadoff on Transforming Food Systems - Devex COPcast

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As part of a series of COP27 podcasts, CGIAR Executive Managing Director, Claudia Sadoff, sat down with Devex’s Associate Editor, Rumbi Chakamba, to discuss climate-smart solutions to the food crisis.

“You can’t separate food systems from climate change, we know that if we stopped all fossil fuel use today we still couldn’t meet the Paris goals for climate change without transforming our food systems,” said Claudia Sadoff.

Episode Summary

This year world leaders have gathered at the 27th United Nations Climate Change Summit, or COP27, as people around the world grapple with a food security crisis.

An estimated 828 million people are chronically food insecure, and 345 million people are at crisis levels or worse. They are in need of food assistance as conflict, climate shocks, and the threat of global recession drive hunger levels even higher.

At COP27, CGIAR co-hosted the first Food and Agriculture Pavilion aimed at putting the transformation of agrifood systems at the heart of the COP agenda. 

In this episode of COPcast, Devex’s Associate Editor Rumbi Chakamba sat down with Claudia Sadoff, Executive Managing Director of CGIAR, to discuss climate-smart solutions to the food crisis.

Listen to Claudia’s COPcast.

Header photo by Devex.

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