Sustainable Healthy Diets

Research activities: Overview

Working closely with local, national, regional, and global partners, Sustainable Healthy Diets uses an innovative, consumer-focused perspective to understand how to increase demand for and access to sustainable healthy diets through food systems transformation.  

During the Initiative’s first three years (2022–2024), activities will focus on Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. Work will expand to Benin, Guatemala, Honduras, India, and Senegal from 2025 to 2030. 

The Initiative’s work involves stakeholders at multiple stages of the food system, from individual consumers to businesses that sell food and employ workers, on to decision-makers at the national or subnational level.

The Initiative’s activities span five focus areas, or work packages (WPs), that intersect and inform each other, as shown below:  

Researchers will generate knowledge about diets and food system actors; propose solutions that address barriers to achieving sustainable healthy diets; and develop decision-support tools to tackle trade-offs. These activities, in turn, will support the development and implementation of a country-specific food systems transformation agenda. 

Explore the work packages:

  1. Consumers and their food environments
  2. Micro, small, and medium enterprises and the informal sector 
  3. Governance and inclusive food systems
  4. Trade-off scenario analysis
  5. Catalyzing food systems transformation  
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