Responding to Evolving Megatrends Interim Report: CGIAR Gender Equality, Youth, and Social Inclusion Impact Area

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Since the launch of CGIAR’s 2030 Research and Innovation Strategy (CGIAR Strategy) in 2021, the world has experienced an increasing array and level of global shocks. These undermine CGIAR’s vision of sustainable and resilient food, land, and water systems that deliver affordable healthy diets, improved livelihoods and greater social equality, within planetary and regional environmental boundaries. Re-examining the effect of these global shocks on megatrends is timely as CGIAR prepares its 2025-2027 research and innovation portfolio.

An ISDC-commissioned project on megatrends aims to answer (i) What megatrend dynamics have changed since the CGIAR Strategy was prepared? (ii) How and if these megatrends affect the CGIAR Strategy and associated collective global targets? Specifically, how—if at all—should the targets and the five Impact Areas alter to meet the needs of the possible future(s) these megatrends may affect?

This interim report prioritizes analysis and preliminary implications related to Gender Equality, Youth, and Social Inclusion Impact Area. It was submitted as a background reading to the 19th meeting of System Council (SC19) and further discussed at the 2023 Science Forum.

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