19th CGIAR System Council Meeting

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    Rabat, Morocco

The 19th CGIAR System Council meeting (SC19) was held on 20 and 21 October 2023 in Rabat, Morocco. Please find at the following links:

SC19 Meeting – Friday 20 & Saturday 21 October 2023
Agenda Item  Resources
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1- Meeting opening Document SC19-01: Agenda as adopted
Background resource: Out of session decisions since SC18
Background resource: Update on actions agreed with the System Council
2 –Reflections from Prof. Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, System Board Chair Document SC19-02: SB Chair update
PPT as presented at SC19
3- Reflections from the Interim Executive Managing Directors PPT as presented at SC19
4- Operationalizing the CGIAR Integration Framework Agreement: Progress Update on the 2022—24 Integration Plan Document SC19-04: Progress Update on the 2022–24 Integration Plan

PPT as presented at SC19

5- 2025-2027 Portfolio design process  Document SC19-05: 2025-2027 Portfolio Design Process
6- CGIAR Financial Plan – Learning from 2023 and planning for 2024 Document SC19-06: Financial Planning 2023-4
PPT as presented at SC19
7- Funding Modalities Document SC19-07: Funding Modalities
PPT as presented at SC19
8- Funding CGIAR’s Genebanks Document SC19-08: Funding CGIAR’s Genebanks
PPT as presented at SC19
9- Innovative Finance & Resource Mobilization Document SC19-09: Working document IF&R 2023-2024 Strategy
PPT as presented at SC19
10- Update on Unified Governance Review Background resource: UGR Workshop Agenda Preread
PPT as presented at SC19
11- System Council composition
12- Gender in CGIAR’s Research Document SC19-12: Gender in CGIAR’s Research
13- Gender Diversity & Inclusion in CGIAR’s workplaces Document SC19-13: Update on GDI in CGIAR’s workplace
14- Ethics & Business Conduct Document SC19-14: CGIAR Ethics and Business Conduct Annual Report Aug2022-July2023
PPT as presented at SC19
15 – Update on CapSha Document SC19-15: Update on Research Engagement, the development of CapSha, and the Breeders Academy
PPT as presented at SC19
16- Regions & Partnerships Document SC19-16a: Engagement Framework
17- Harnessing AI and Digital Innovation in CGIAR Document SC19-17: Harnessing IA and Digital innovation in CGIAR
PPT as presented at SC19
18 – Report from the Assurance Oversight Committee Document SC19-18: Report from the AOC
Document SC19-18a: AOC workplan
Document SC19-18b: AOC membership succession planning
PPT as presented at SC19
19 – Report from the Strategic Impact, Monitoring & Evaluation
Document SC19-19: Report from SIMEC
PPT as presented at SC19
20 –  Planning 2024 independent advising and evaluative evidence for System Council Document SC19-20a: IAES & Supported Independent Bodies 2024 Annual workplan budget reconfirmation

Document SC19-20b: IAES Evaluation function Progress and Plans

Appendix 1
Appendix 2

Document SC19-20c: IAES ToRs adjustment

PPT as presented at SC19

See additional reading from SPIA in background documents at the bottom of this page

21 – Independent Science for Development Council (ISDC) in 2024 Document SC19-21a: ISDC’s 2023 progress update

Document SC19-21b: Responding to Evolving Megatrends Interim Report

PPT as presented at SC19

22 – Other Business and Meeting close Document SC19-22a: CGIAR Innovation & Partnership Summit

Additional background materials