Making genome editing a success story in Africa

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Since the development of CRISPR–Cas as a tool for targeted genome manipulation in 2012, genome editing has revolutionized basic and translational research around the globe.

The technology and its potential in bio-innovation were recently highlighted with the approval of the first CRISPR–Cas-based gene therapies for sickle cell anaemia and β-thalassemia in humans.

However, genome editing is currently underexplored in Africa, where it could be transformative in addressing key challenges in major sectors (including agriculture, public health and medicine).

Abkallo, H.M., Arbuthnot, P., Auer, T.O., Berger, D.K., Burger, J., Chakauya, E., Concordet, J.-P., Diabate, A., Di Donato, V., Groenewald, H., Guindo, A., Koekemoer, L.L., Nazare, F., Nolan, T., Okumu, F., Orefuwa, E., Paemka, L., Prieto-Godino, L., Runo, S., Sadler, M., Tesfaye, K., Tripathi, L. and Wondji, C. 2024. Making genome editing a success story in Africa. Nature Biotechnology.

Photo: Maize in Pacassa village, Tete province, Mozambique (ILRI/Mann)

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