Genetic divergence studies in pearl millet [Pennisetum glaucum L.(R.) Br.] inbred lines

In the present investigation genetic diversity amongst 190 pearl millet accessions viz., 95 maintainer (B line) and 95 restorer lines (R line) was analyzed using SSR markers. A total of 40 SSR primers were used for screening, out of which 34 were polymorphic. PIC value ranged from 0.002 (PSMP 2068) to 0.749 (CTM 60) with an average of 0.445. AMOVA showed greater variance represented by individuals within the group (65%) and between group (B and R lines) variance was <35%. The neighbor joining tree based on dissimilarity matrix of germplasm lines differentiated B from R lines into two major clusters with few exceptions of R lines grouping with B lines and vice versa. Genetic dissimilarity estimates ranged from 0.12 (RPR 22; IPC 917) to 0.85 (ICMR 10222; ICMB 97333). The maintainers ICMB 97333, RPB 6 and ICMB 92777 and restorers ICMR 10222, RPR 25, RPR 56, RPR 62 and RPR 40 were identified as most distinct and divergent which could be used as parents for heterosis breeding.