EthiopiaGrass: A novel approach to forage and food production, land restoration, and climate resilience in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia experiences severe barriers to increasing agricultural productivity, such as limited quality and quantity of livestock feeds and degraded soils. This project aims to generate scientifically sound evidence for novel grassland mixtures that can improve farmers’ livelihoods while contributing to land restoration. Various steps are taken to translate this novel research into development outcomes.

EthiopiaGrass brings together agronomists, soil scientists, and social scientists with policy makers, funders, nongovernmental organizations, the private sector, and smallholder farmers in Multi-Actor Platforms to overcome barriers in a transdisciplinary way. These Multi-Actor Platforms convene regularly to provide feedback about the research objectives and approach, and to disseminate
knowledge for enhanced research uptake.

Large-scale testing of >600 smallholder farmers using citizen science approaches can help in identifying those grassland species and mixtures that are best adapted to farmers’ environments and objectives. Such adapted technologies have higher adoption and dissemination potential.

Synthesized evidence packaged and intended for specific stakeholders will enable them to guide and target further investment in sustainable intensification of mixed croplivestock systems and land restoration. Communication and outreach in Africa and Norway will support dissemination beyond the project participants.

Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT

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