The CGIAR Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Impact Area Platform consolidates CGIAR’s climate research efforts, enhancing the organization’s capacity and visibility. It actively engages with prominent climate voices, provides strategic advice on portfolio-level management, and monitors the outcomes of various Research Initiatives. By facilitating CGIAR to effectively link cutting-edge, integrated science to strategic pathways for impact, the Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Impact Area Platform plays a pivotal role in ensuring CGIAR’s effectiveness in fulfilling its mission.

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Essential reading
  • Topical briefs – Three topical briefs lay out CGIAR’s position on climate action, tracking adaptation, and climate finance. Explore all three briefs in the publications section below.
  • Agricultural Breakthrough factsheets – The Achieving Agricultural Breakthrough: A Deep Dive into Seven Technological Areas report introduces five interconnected pathways to achieve climate-resilient, sustainable farming and highlights the role of international collaboration in advancing breakthrough technologies across seven priority areas. Explore factsheets for each area in the publications section below.