The CGIAR Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Impact Area Platform consolidates CGIAR’s climate research efforts, enhancing the organization’s capacity and visibility. It actively engages with prominent climate voices, provides strategic advice on portfolio-level management, and monitors the outcomes of various Research Initiatives. By facilitating CGIAR to effectively link cutting-edge, integrated science to strategic pathways for impact, the Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Impact Area Platform plays a pivotal role in ensuring CGIAR’s effectiveness in fulfilling its mission.

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Knowledge Products

You can access our knowledge product by clicking the links below.

Climate Insights: Our fortnightly journal article rounds up the latest climate research updates on journal articles on climate change impacts, adaptation strategies, and more.

Bi-Monthly Newsletter: Our newsletters highlight Platform activities, share impactful climate stories from our Initiatives, and feature exceptional scientists.

Webinars: Join our monthly webinars, where we showcase CGIAR research, promote collaboration with external climate scientists, and delve into critical climate topics.

Blog Pieces and Op-eds: We are committed to publishing informative blog posts and op-eds authored by field experts addressing diverse climate issues within the agri-food sector.

Global Participation and Events

Over the past year, CGIAR’s Climate Impact Platform Director, Aditi Mukherji, has spoken at numerous events about the IPCC report from AR6 and the CGIAR’s role in the climate and agri-food discourse. Here are links to some of the events

Women Deliver Conference, 2023, Kigali,Rwanda

UN Food Systems Summit, 2023, Rome, Italy

 African Food Systems Forum 2023

Press Conference: Future Earth, WCRP, Earth League: 10 new insights in climate science, 2023

Adaptation-mitigation synergies and tradeoffs, IPCC COP28

Food, agriculture, land, and water: Insights from AR6 and knowledge gaps for AR7,COP28

Climate-resilient management approaches for flood and drought: Moving from theory to practice,COP28




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