Mobilising climate finance to achieve food, land, and water system transformation

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As both a cause and a victim of climate change, the interconnected food, land and water systems must undergo rapid, far-reaching, and sustained transformation.

Measuring, mobilising and dispersing climate finance is a mammoth task, but becomes more critical with every fraction of a degree of warming. Too many non- concessional loans, high transaction costs to dispersing funds to smallholder farmers and small and medium enterprises, and Long, uncertain and complex processes to attain available funds make financing the needed transition difficult.

Up to an additional US$400 billion per year – less than 0.5% of global GDP – to 2030 is needed to transform food systems to achieve climate mitigation and adaptation targets, as well as to meet other sustainable development goals.

CGIAR recommends improving transparency within climate finance, as well as the realignment of existing funds and the creation of new, addition climate finance flows.

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