How we work to ensure pest-free exchange of plant genetic resources

Phytosanitation – prevention of introduction of plant pests into new areas – is critical to maintaining and sharing of plant genetic material. A CGIAR-wide program to raise awareness on phytosanitation highlighted the challenges and responsibilities of organizations engaged in storage and distribution of germplasm.

“Over the past 40 years, over 65 pests (fungi, viruses, insects/mites and weeds) have been intercepted at various entry points in India,” said Dr Kavita Gupta, Principal Scientist, Division of Plant Quarantine and Officer-In-Charge, Priority setting, Monitoring and Evaluation, ICAR-NBPGR*. Dr Gupta was speaking on ‘Phytosanitary Policies and Procedures Governing Exchange of PGR’. She emphasized the need to support research, training, capacity-building, networking and information sharing activities, both at national and international levels.

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