Unlocking agricultural potential: IFC and IITA’s response to industrial agricultural transformation

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Nigeria has faced a distressing trend in cassava and soybean production within the subsistence farming system for many years. Despite the availability of improved cassava varieties, farmers persist in cultivating traditional varieties, which have high cyanide, and potential toxicity which are often responsible for the bitter taste of some cultivars, thereby inhibiting the industrial use of cassava.

Consequently, there is an urgent need to advocate for farmers to transition to modern agricultural practices to ensure sustainable utilization of cassava at industrial level. To address these challenges, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) discussed these challenges with IITACGIAR experts during a visit to the Institute’s headquarters in Ibadan.

Discussions during the visit focused on accelerating the industrial adoption of cassava and soybean, opening avenues for exportation, and fostering economic advancement through crop utilization. They also discussed strategies to broaden and reform the private sector within the targeted crop value chain to attract investors, leveraging IITA’s technical capacities to improve farmers’ yields.

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