University of Nigeria Alumni Association seeks to strengthen collaboration with IITA

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On 20 August, the University of Nigeria (UNN) Alumni Association visited the IITA headquarters to strengthen its partnership with IITA to ensure food security in the country.

Hilde Koper-Limbourg, Deputy Director General Corporate Services; Michael Abberton, IITA’s Director for West Africa Hub; and Toyin Oke, Head of Resource Mobilization, Protocol, and External Liaison Office, welcomed the team. Koper familiarized the Alumni representatives with the IITA mandate of transforming agriculture in Africa, including the youth programs. A short video introduced them to the research activities at the Institute.

Abberton introduced them to the different IITA stations and hubs, their locations, and the research activities being carried out in West Africa.

Reverend Fr. Francis Chiadi, Chairman of the Alumni’s local organizing committee, acknowledged IITA’s research efforts, contribution to food security, and youth empowerment. He said IITA is viewed as a major stakeholder in the university’s current 106th conference of National Executive Council-Delegates meeting themed ‘University and Nigeria: A critical survey’. “We would be part of what IITA is doing as the need arises,” he stated.

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