Uganda biobanking training launches new initiative to preserve Africa’s indigenous chicken

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Twenty-five scientists from eastern and central Africa have benefitted from training to identify, isolate, conserve and improve poultry genetic resources, which are key measures in protecting and enhancing the value of Africa’s indigenous chickens.

The avian reproductive biotechnology training workshop was held on 4–9 September 2023 at the National Animal Genetic Resource Centre and Data Bank in Entebbe, Uganda.

The workshop targeted experts in poultry biotechnology, breeding and conservation as well as managers of the regional African Union animal resources seed centres of excellence, academicians and poultry stakeholders.

The training was part of the Biobanking of indigenous chicken breeds project that aims to preserve African and southeast Asian indigenous poultry biodiversity for subsequent use to enhance resilience, productivity and support future breeding of the tropical poultry strains.

Photo: Poultry farmer in Lhate village, Chokwe, Mozambique (ILRI/Stevie Mann)

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