The Africa RISING end-of-program report: Highlights of a legacy of agricultural research in development for a sustainable future

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In February 2023, a significant milestone was marked in Accra, Ghana, as the Africa RISING program concluded its ambitious 12-year mission with a comprehensive close-out event.

The program, which spanned the diverse landscapes of east and southern Africa, the Ethiopian Highlands, and West Africa, has notably enriched the lives of smallholder farmers, bolstered national agricultural research systems, and significantly advanced the science of systems research and sustainable intensification.

We are pleased to announce the release of the end-of-program report, Strides in sustainable agricultural intensification: Contributions of the Africa RISING program (2011–2023).

The report encapsulates the program’s transformative journey and its profound impact on sustainable agriculture.

Through its five chapters, the report delves into the origins and vision of Africa RISING, showcases its significant achievements and impacts, and shares the invaluable lessons learned throughout its duration.

It further explores the future prospects of sustainable intensification and farming systems science, culminating in a discussion on the enduring legacy of the program in terms of knowledge sharing and policy influence.

Photo: Smallholder poultry farmer in Sidama, Ethiopia (credit: ILRI/Kettema Yilma)

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