Successful completion of the YEAG project

19 May 2019

Aswan, Upper Egypt – WorldFish, the Swiss Embassy in Cairo, and Aswan’s local community gathered to celebrate the successful completion of the Swiss-funded Youth Employment in Aswan Governorate (YEAG) project, that has provided training and business support to more than 1000 fishers during the period of July 2017 to December 2018. Members of Aswan’s community including fishers, fish processors and wholesalers, women fish retailers and fish farmers, fishing cooperatives in addition to representatives of Aswan governorate attended the closing ceremony. Among attendees were representatives of academia, research centres, Aquatic Union, Aquatic police, High Dam Lake Development Authority (HDLDA), the General Authority for fisheries resources development (GAFRD), Aswan Business Association as well as SMEs and private sector companies.