RiceMoRe – a digital data platform to systematically advance rice production management in Vietnam

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The Department of Crop Production (DCP), in collaboration with the Center for Agricultural Digital Transformation and Statistics (DTS) and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), evaluated the usage and performance of the Rice Activity Monitoring and Reporting (RiceMoRe) and FarMore systems, marking a significant milestone in digital transformation for agricultural management in Vietnam.

Hanoi, Vietnam (22 April 2024) – The Rice Activity Monitoring and Reporting (RiceMoRe) system is a digital data platform co-developed by DCP, DTS, and IRRI that standardizes and records time-series data on rice production activities and the adoption of low-emission practices. This is crucial for the effective management and direction of rice production across the country, which is increasingly challenging due to the impacts of the changing climate and market trends. It will also provide the essential data for establishing baselines and tracking mitigation progress over time.

Dr. Bui Tan Yen, a scientist at IRRI Vietnam and a key expert of the RiceMoRe development team, explained the tool’s innovative features. The system ensures consistent data collection from communal to national level, providing geo-referencing for tracking rice production progress across geographic locations, records near-real-time activity data for informed decision-making, enables dynamic data querying, synchronization, and extraction for rice production management, and ensures secure access and data management at different levels.

RiceMoRe in action: improved accessibility and pilot success

The digital tool has two components: RiceMoRe for monitoring activity data at the communal level and FarMoRe for monitoring farming practices at the field, farm, or cooperative level. The beta version is accessible at https://ricemore.org . Mobile app versions of RiceMoRe are also available for both Android and iOS systems.

The workshop included two rounds of evaluation: a panel discussion with representatives from…

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