Nigerian farmers inspired by transformation potential of orange-fleshed sweet potato varieties

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In October 2023, IITACGIAR, under the Strengthening Nutrition in Priority Staples (SNIPS) project funded by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), organized field days for farmers in Nigeria’s Benue (Makurdi and Gboko Local Government Areas) and Oyo (Ido and Oyo West Local Government Areas) states to showcase the attributes and yield potentials of Mother’s Delight, King J, and Solo Gold orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) varieties.

The farmers gathered at project demonstration farms in both states under the “Creating Opportunities for Scaling OFSP Production for Improved Nutrition” banner. The event aimed to showcase the yield potentials of OFSP varieties and foster a community of farmers committed to promoting their adoption for enhanced nutrition and livelihoods.

GAIN Benue Desk Officer Raphael Dav and a representative of extension officers in Oyo State, Yewande Adekunle, encouraged farmers to embrace the potential of these OFSP varieties. The fields became living laboratories, allowing farmers to compare their methods with the best agronomic practices, sowing the seeds for yield improvement.

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