Nigeria taking steps toward evidence-based policymaking with IITA support

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Nigeria is undergoing significant transitions, from political changes to demographic, socioeconomic, epidemiological, and nutritional landscape shifts. Adapting policies to these evolving challenges requires establishing a centralized, digitized, interoperable, and accurate ‘single source of truth’ data system.

The availability of relevant data and information is crucial for making informed decisions, particularly in public health planning and service delivery for key targets of the Renewed Hope Agenda in Nigeria. With the last National Food Consumption and Micronutrient Survey conducted in 2001, there was a critical need for updated data on the current status and dietary patterns of the Nigerian population.

On 29 and 30 April, the 2021 National Food Consumption and Micronutrient Survey (NFCMS) report was launched. This report provides updated data crucial for evidence-based decision-making in food, nutrition, and agriculture programming in Nigeria.

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