New year begins with release of new high-yield yam variety in Nigeria

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IITACGIAR, in collaboration with the National Root Crops Research Institute (NRCRI), has released a new yam variety, UMUDr36 (IITA breeding ID: TDr1302100) for farmers in Nigeria, with the commercial name ‘SharpSharp’.

The announcement was made at the 33rd Meeting of the National Committee on Naming, Registration, and Release of Crop Varieties, Livestock Breed/Fisheries held in Ibadan on 11 January 2024.

UMUDr36-SharpSharp is a White Guinea yam (D. rotundata) variety. The new varieties originated from IITA and were released to farmers through NRCRI, Umudike. The UMUDr36-SharpSharp was released because of its remarkable attributes: early maturity, high yield, high flour production, and good boiling and pounding capabilities.

In yams, drought stress in the late growing season impacts yield significantly, so introducing early-maturing varieties is expected to help stabilize farmers’ income. The noteworthy point of the new variety is its high potential yield of 33 t/ha, despite its earlier maturity period of 180-210 days compared to the varieties released last year (UMUDr33 and UMUDr34) with a maturity period of 230-270 days in Nigeria.

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