Introducing women to new seed propagation method in yam farming

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In rural Nigeria, where yam farming is a way of life, a group of women are driving a revolution. The PROSSIVA Method is changing how yam seeds are propagated and enhancing farming productivity and sustainability. This innovative approach boosts agricultural production and empowers women in the agricultural sector, which men have historically dominated.

To facilitate a paradigm shift, farmers participated in field demonstrations called PROSSIVA Trials, leading to the establishment of demo plots in two local government areas (LGAs) in Edo State.

The event took place in Amendokhian Uromi and Ilushi LGAs on 21 and 22 August and highlighted the Green Field Days of the demo trial, with farmers acknowledging the impact of the PROSSIVA project.

PROSSIVA Projects Lead Morufat Balogun praised the farmers’ efforts and contributions to the nation’s progress. She stated that PROSSIVA’s goal is to improve the farmers’ quality of life and open up new opportunities for increased revenue through seed production.

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