IITA and partners launch Postharvest Reduction Project

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IITA recently launched a project on reducing postharvest losses across the Vitamin A cassava (VAC) and Vitamin A maize (VAM) value chains. The project, being implemented in partnership with HarvestPlus and Harvestfield, was launched virtually across Anambra, Cross River, Imo, Kaduna, Kano, Niger Osun, and Oyo states in Nigeria. The project aims to improve the adoption of postharvest loss reduction practices in Nigeria.

Giving the opening remarks, Development and Delivery Office Director Alfred Dixon revealed that the project launch serves as an opportunity to address the problems of delay in harvesting, poor processing techniques, and inadequate storage and distribution methods of cassava and maize in Nigeria.

“The vision for this project is to see that there will be an improvement in the adoption of postharvest loss reduction practices across VAC and VAM value chains in these eight states,” said Dixon.

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