IITA and OCP Africa target increased agriculture research impact in Africa

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Following the launch of the Fertilizer and Soil Health Hub building, OCP Africa Chief Executive Officer Mohamed Anouar Jamali met with a team of IITACGIAR scientists in Ibadan to align collaborative roles and efforts for transforming agrifood systems, fertilizer use, and soil health. IITA Director General and CGIAR Regional Director for Continental Africa, Dr Simeon Ehui, led the IITA team.

During the meeting, discussions focused on ways to develop a roadmap for the first year of partnership between IITA and OCP Africa while exploring digital solutions for addressing some of the challenges existing in farming systems.

Jamali stressed the importance of agricultural research for impact and application, adding that research activities should focus on impact.

To achieve impact with agricultural research and technology scaling, DG Ehui highlighted the need to examine areas of alignment and how all the parties involved can work together sustainably in the future.

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