Why Health Workers, Paid Rs 4,000 Per Month, Are Vital To India’s National Nutrition Mission (BloombergQuint)

BloombergQuint, of India, cited IFPRI research in an article on India’s frontline health workers, like the Technical Support Unit (TSU), an organization that provides technical and managerial support to government staff at various levels of the health system. Frontline workers face innumerable local challenges like lack of training, poor infrastructure, and irregular supply of supplementary nutrition. However, improved training and support for these workers can help beat India’s malnutrition problem. IFPRI research fellow Rasmi Avula was interviewed in the article and said, “frontline workers need to have clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and not get pulled into non-service related tasks. Frontline workers list respect by the community as one of the things that motivates them.”

Photo credit: Pippa Ranger / Department for International Development