Fifty technologies in five years – Feed the Future, MISST project shares outcomes in Malawi

Over 245,000 households reached 14,500 MT of seed produced, over 50 technologies developed – these are some of the highlights presented on the completion of the Feed the Future – Malawi Improved Seed Systems and Technologies (FtF MISST) project. At the national project completion workshop in June 2019, key stakeholders discussed the milestones of the FtF MISST. Other key results included improvement in productivity-gross margins and yield for groundnuts at US$ 352/ha and soybean at US$ 357/ha.

Representatives from government ministries, development partners, public, private, research and local bodies discussed the achievements of the project over 4.5 years. The workshop aimed to unveil the commercial potential of the technologies that FtF-MISST developed and promoted and their relevance in the agriculture, trade and health sectors of Malawi. It also aimed to disseminate the results to existing and potential stakeholders and identify critical implementation and investment gaps and knowledge questions to inform the implementation of investments in the country. The gathering evaluated steps to be taken to continue efforts for seed systems delivery, besides strengthening partnerships for bridging post FtF MISST delivery at scale to benefit small and marginal farmers.