Eniosa-Irepodun Farmers and CICS launch of 15 million naira building fund at fourth-anniversary celebrations

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The Eniosa-Irepodun Farmers and CICS marked their fourth anniversary with a significant milestone: launching a 15 million naira building fund. The event took place recently at IDC Primary School in Eniosa, Lagelu Local Government Area of Oyo State in Nigeria, and was graced by representatives of IITA-PROSSIVA, who provided valuable insights and training on the latest yam planting techniques and benefits of new yam varieties.

The celebration highlighted the community’s commitment to agricultural development and collaboration. IITA-PROSSIVA representatives showcased the ASIEDU and KPAMYO yam varieties, emphasizing their high yield and delicious flavor. One farmer, who had previously tested these seeds, praised their superior quality and productivity.

The General Secretary of Eniosa-Irepodun Farmers and CICS, Asimiu Olosupo, thanked IITA-PROSSIVA for their continuous support and for introducing the farmers to new agricultural technologies. He proudly announced that the association had received its CAC certificate and financial contribution cards, enhancing its credibility and access to resources.

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