Empowering women and communities: IITA’s Central Africa Hub celebrates International Women’s Day

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On 8 March, the Central Africa Hub of IITA joined in the global celebration of International Women’s Day with a series of events aimed at empowering women and supporting local communities. The celebrations were observed by various stations within the hub, each contributing to the theme of “Investing in women: Accelerating progress.”

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the day began with a thought-provoking video conference in Kinshasa. The conference featured speakers who passionately emphasized the importance of self-investment and positive change. Among the speakers was Coach-Trainer Kirsten Tshika, who inspired women to be the architects of their destinies. Following the conference, a charity visit to the C.O.C orphanage was organized, benefiting 30 children with donations of essential items.

In Kalambo, IITA staff at the President O. Obasanjo Research Campus celebrated under the theme “Increase the resources needed for women and girls in peace for an equal Congo.” Imani Matabaro Aimée, a Lawyer, Gender consultant, and Former vice-president of the Civil Society of South-Kivu province, shared inspiring stories of women to encourage investment in women for their scientific, economic, and social progress. Notable women like Julienne Lusenge and Jeanine Mabunda, who have significantly impacted their respective fields, were highlighted.

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