Disseminating agricultural knowledge on the streets with Radio IITA

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To assess its impact on knowledge dissemination in the agricultural landscape, Radio IITA, 88.5FM, recently embarked on a three-day comprehensive survey outreach targeting farmers and listeners within its broadcast coverage.

The survey outreach initiative, which represents a significant milestone in Radio IITA’s mission to promote awareness and literacy about improved agricultural technologies in IITA, also aims to gather

insights directly from farmers and listeners, allowing the station to design its programming and create content to address specific needs and challenges faced by agricultural communities.

“Our programs are focused on providing information that will not only enhance agricultural productivity

but also contribute to sustainable rural development, ultimately improving farmer’s livelihoods, health,

and income. We recognize the importance of grassroots insights in shaping our programming, hence the commitment to inclusivity and responsiveness,” said Radio IITA Team lead Dajie Abang-Odok.

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