Cuso and IITA to address climate change in Nigeria

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Danny Pelletier, Key Program Officer for Cuso International, visited IITA headquarters, with James Odey, Business Development Manager, on 4 May. They visited the Institute to discuss further areas of collaboration to address climate change issues.

Cuso is a Canadian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working with other partners to tackle poverty and inequality. With an existing relationship with some of IITA’s hubs in Africa, the NGO seeks to extend the partnership to Nigeria, hence the courtesy visit to the IITA headquarters.

IITA Deputy Director General, Partnerships for Delivery (DDG-P4D), Kenton Dashiell, welcomed the delegation and highlighted IITA’s activities and technologies. While commending the agricultural technologies available at IITA, Pelletier briefly introduced Cuso’s activities, revealing the similarities between the two organizations, ranging from mandate crops to youth and gender-focused activities. “I see a lot of alignment with the works at IITA and Cuso. We have also seen emerging opportunities for partnership with IITA.”

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