Best of Landscape News 2018

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It’s been a year of monumental wake-up calls to climate change, from the melting snows of Kilimanjaro to the rapid movement of people to cities, taking refuge from hostile landscapes. But, that’s putting the bad news first. We’ve also seen progress on major restoration initiatives that are reinvigorating the tree-counts of continents as well as small-scale food projects changing the food system and mindsets one free meal at a time. Here are the top ten stories from Landscape News capturing this year’s change.

White Mountain: Maasai vow to restore the lost ice cap of Mount Kilimanjaro

Global Landscapes Forum

Forests could be the most realistic defense against global warming

Ulet Ifansasti, CIFOR

Migration, environment and climate change: What’s new, and what’s true

Carteret Islands, Papua New Guinea, where slow-onset climate change is causing coastal erosion and sea level rise, threatening the homes and livelihoods of the local population. Mohammed Muse 2017

Mohammed Muse 2017

The IPCC 1.5-degree report promises major disruptions: Forests are needed to soften the blow

Ulet Ifansasti, CIFOR

Food fighter: Chef Massimo Bottura

Angelo Dal Bo

Comparing the three peatland regions most crucial for climate change

Nanang Sujana, CIFOR

Lessons from Latin America: Using less, earning more

Icaro Cooke Vieira, CIFOR

Not for sharing? Renegotiating shea tree tenure in Burkina Faso

Ollivier Girard, CIFOR

Transforming the fashion industry to meet U.N. sustainability targets

Medium Reality

Becca Henry via Rachel Lyra Hospodar, Flickr

Concept for proposed U.N. decade of ecosystem restoration 2021-2030

Ulet Ifansasti, CIFOR

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