BCfRFSP’s climate-smart agriculture practices to alleviate BBTV

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The Building Capacity for Resilient Food Security Program (BCfRFSP) has emerged as a transformative force to protect Tanzania’s farming communities against the harsh realities of climate change. Recognizing the vulnerabilities smallholder farmers face, this initiative has become a beacon of hope, aiming to combat challenges and revolutionize agricultural practices nationwide.

The program’s objectives were to promote Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices and relentlessly combat the Banana Bunchy Top Virus (BBTV) to amplify production, alleviate poverty, bolster income, and uplift livelihoods.

IITA Assistant Projects Manager Bahati Maregeri highlighted the staggering impact of the program, stating, “An astounding 262% increase in farmer and 168% increase in extension officer participation in CSA training have paved the way for the adoption of eco-friendly agricultural practices.”

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