AKILIMO App plays critical role in supporting Tanzanian cassava farmers

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The Research and Innovation Coordinator at Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) Ukiriguru Center, Dr Deusdedit Peter Mlay, has emphasized the significance of the AKILIMO App in improving crop yields. He described how cassava farmers could use it to make informed decisions on the type and amount of fertilizer to apply in their fields to increase productivity. Mlay revealed this to Tanzania’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture Hon. Anthony Peter Mavunde (MP) and other guests during a visit to TARI Ukiriguru in Mwanza.

Mlay noted that farmers must produce more cassava to fulfill the demands of processing industries. They also need to follow good agricultural practices, including proper fertilizer application to enhance plant nutrients, restore soil fertility, and increase crop productivity.

According to Mlay, the AKILIMO App was designed to address the shortage of extension agents (EAs) in the cassava value chain. It was challenging for EAs to reach many farmers when disseminating farming technologies and training them on how to improve their farms to earn a higher income due to their relative scarcity. Thus, the AKILIMO App came in to support the critical function previously provided by EAs, particularly in assisting farmers in getting agronomic recommendations and advice.

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