Achievements of Indian rice research and IRRI partnership showcased at IRC 2023

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Manila, Philippines (18 October 2023) ~ The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) showcased the many accomplishments of Indian scientists and agencies in advancing rice science and rice sector development during a special session in the recent 6th International Rice Congress (IRC).

Entitled IRRI-India’s contribution to rice food and nutritional security , the session was a noteworthy gathering of prominent scientists and officials of IRRI and Indian rice agencies, who talked about the history, legacy, and achievements of the IRRI-India partnership, and how it has contributed to India’s leading position in the global rice sector.

J.K. Ladha, an IRRI alumni and currently adjunct professor of Plant Science at the University of California Davis, looked back at the inception of the IRRI-ICAR research cooperation in 1967, and remarked on how this evolved into a multi-faceted partnership across multiple fields, including breeding, capacity building, genetics, grain quality, and social and gender studies, among many others.

“IRRI’s collaboration with India is the largest and is very active and vibrant,” Dr. Ladha said. “India has been a key participant in many of IRRI’s programs, including consortia and networks, and plays a collaborative role in priority setting, strategy planning, scientific advisory, and implementation.”

Equally important presentations from other foremost Indian agricultural experts also highlighted urgent needs and priority research areas for the country.

Raman Sundaram, Director of ICAR-Indian Institute of Rice Research, talked about how the India Coordinated Research Project on Rice (AICRPR) plays a significant role in boosting India’s rice sector.

Established in 1965, AICRPR (formerly the All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Project) is supported by the largest research network devoted to a single crop. It has over 45 funded centres, 100 voluntary centers, and 30 private organizations across the country….

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