3 Key Learnings on Tech Transfer from Venture-Out Event with Frontier IP

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On 18 April and now available for rewatch, the Accelerate for Impact Platform invited Neil Crabb, CEO of Frontier IP to showcase success stories of bridging research ideas from lab to market and to join a discussion with the Alliance/CGIAR’s Nekesah Wafullah, Venture Builder Expert A4IP, about how to draw lessons for agricultural technology transfer, highlight synergies and pathways for value creation with CGIAR research, and further inspire the entrepreneurial mindset and market-oriented approach among CGIAR’s scientists.

Frontier IP is a specialist in creating and supporting high growth potential companies from intellectual property generated by universities, academics and other researchers. They establish deep relationships with institutions and industry to proactively source potential spinouts; provide hands-on commercialization support, tech validation, early industry engagement and fund raising.

Together we asked, how can we work to proactively source innovation for spinouts, build an ecosystem of partners, and successfully bring innovations from lab to market? And what does technology transfer for the agricultural sciences have to learn from leaders in the innovation ecosystem?

“Choose a partner that aligns to your likes and interest, as it makes it easier to interact and sell your ideas,” said Nekesah Wafullah on her main takeaway from the event. “And also create a clear pathway for successful commercialization of research technologies and innovations.”

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