22nd CGIAR System Board Meeting

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The 22nd CGIAR System Board Meeting was held on 29-30 November 2021, virtually.

See agenda and meetings documents below.

** Indicates internal working documents that will evolve, and will be made publicly available when at a more mature status

Agenda Item

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1. Opening of the 22nd meeting and Agenda SB22-01 – Agenda as Adopted

-Register of interests declared (provided on day of meeting)
-List of out-of-session decisions taken since SB21

2. Science and Research Matters Initial set of proposals for the CGIAR 2022-2024 Investment Prospectus and Companion Document

SB22-02a: ISDC Review of 19 Initiative Proposals
SB22-02b: ISDC Review of Companion Document

3.Funding Matters SB22-03: 2022-2024 FINPLAN
4.Transition to One CGIAR – Operational Structure, Governance and Assurance Matters SB22-04a: Presentation – Emerging 2022-2024 CGIAR Business Plan
SB22-04b: Report from AFRC Chair**
SB22-04c: TOR, Internal Audit Support Service
5.Other business SB22-05a: Ensuring funding flows from January 2022 and CGIAR Center definition (with revised System Framework in Appendix 2)
SB22-05b: Terms of Reference (amended), System Board Chair
SB22-05c: Terms of Reference, System Board Vice Chair**
SB22-05d: System Board Retreat Proposal**