12th CGIAR System Management Board Meeting

The CGIAR System Management Board will hold its twelfth meeting from 2:00pm to 6:00pm CET on Thursday 13 December 2018.

**Indicates that a document remains a working draft for further Board deliberations, and therefore remains internal to the Board at this time

Agenda Item
Documents/ Resources
1. Opening of 12th meetinga. Call for other business

b. Provisional Agenda

c. Declarations of Interests review

Document: SMB12-01
2. Selected 2019-2021 CGIAR Business Plan Companion documentsa. Taking forward the implementation plan for the Crops to End Hunger Initiative

b. Discussing the ‘Dry Arc’ concept

Document: SMB12-02


Document: SMB12-03

3. Taking forward the creation of Gender in Research ‘Platform’ as part of the current Portfolioa. Recapping proposal development and assessment roles post 2016 governance reform/ISDC TOR

b. Considering proposal approach (length, format etc.)

c. Reflecting on whether to review the 2015 Platform assessment criteria (based on agreed action AP1 from the SC7 meeting), and if so, the appropriate consultation approach

Document: SMB12-04



Background resource: Extract of 19 December 2015 ‘Call for Proposals’ – Platform assessment criteria

4. Assessing 1st cycle
of Program Performance Management Standards
Approval of ‘rubrics’ for the 6 agreed 2019-2021 Program Performance StandardsDocument: SMB12-05
5. Evaluation mattersa. Feedback from SC7 on priority areas of focus from selected recent past evaluation recommendations

b. Reflecting on possible inputs to future evaluation planning

Background resources: SC7-05 Evaluations Review

SIMEC advice to SC7 on evaluations

6. Report from SMB’s ARCSummary of key items reviewed in ARC’s recent meeting (held on 3 December 2018) Presentation on the day
7. Internal Audit engagements 2019‑2021On the recommendation of the SMB’s Audit and Risk Committee (‘ARC’):

a. 2019-2021 Internal Audit workplan for the System Organization

b. 2019-2021 CGIAR System Internal Audit Function workplan



Document: SMB12-06A

Document: SMB12-06B

8. Managing reported eventsa. Annual CGIAR Integrity Report concept

b. Update on cases reported as required

Document: SMB12-07**
9. Finalizing the 2019‑2021 Portfolio Financing Plan (‘FinPlan’)c. Approval of 2019-2021 FinPlan before submission to the Council for endorsement (including summary of System entities budgets)

b. Considerations on financing System costs: Discussion on Center responses to letters on scope of non-SRF activities (a SMB10 Action)

c. Alliance Opportunity Fund – feedback from SC7

Document: SMB12-08





Background resource:
SC7 Meeting Paper

10. Reviewing fundraising approaches and opportunitiesa. Scope of activities and cross-System engagement modalitiesBackground resource:
2nd General Assembly ‘Division of Responsibilities’ document
11. System Management Office’s focus of activities 2019-2021a. System Management Office 2019-2021 Work Plan

b. Update on our engagement in Rome Hub establishment

Document: SMB12-09**
12. Significant SC7 feedback for us
as a System
Taking note of key messaging from our Funders during SC7 on:

a. Advancing achievements in ‘shared services’ and ‘country collaboration’

b. Private sector engagement with a focus on IP and tech transfer into seed systems

c. Excitement about Center alliances and the suggestion SMB consider developing a strategic approach

Background resource:
SC7 Chair’s Summary
13. Consent Agendaa. Nomenclature amendments to selected governing documents and policies arising from System Council decisions on its advisory services

b. SMB records disposal schedule (document retention topic from SMB10)

Document: SMB12-10


Document: SMB12-11

14. Other Businessa. How to provide annual reporting on progress against the 10 actions set out in the business plan (a SC7 request)

b. Other business as required

c. Recapping decisions taken/actions agreed


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  • 12th CGIAR System Management Board Meeting

    • Virtual
    • 13.12.18

    The CGIAR System Management Board will hold its twelfth meeting from 2:00pm to 6:00pm CET on Thursday 13 December 2018.

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    • 25.10.18

    The CGIAR System Management Board held an extraordinary meeting on Thursday 25 October 2018.

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    The CGIAR System Management Board held its tenth meeting on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 September 2018.

  • 3rd General Assembly of Centers

    • Bogor, Indonesia
    • 30.01.19 > 31.01.19

    The third General Assembly of Centers will be held on 30 and 31 January 2019, hosted by CIFOR in Bogor, Indonesia.

  • 7th CGIAR System Council Meeting

    • Seattle, United States of America
    • 15.11.18 > 16.11.18

    The 7th meeting of the CGIAR System Council took place on 15 and 16 November 2018 in Seattle, United States of America.

  • 6th CGIAR System Council Meeting

    • Berlin, Germany
    • 16.05.18 > 17.05.18

    The 6th meeting of the CGIAR System Council took place on 16 and 17 May 2018 in Berlin, Germany.