8th CGIAR System Council Meeting

The 8th meeting of the CGIAR System Council took place on 15-16 May 2019, and was hosted by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

Documents to be downloaded:

Logistics information – Uploaded on 9 May


Overview of events during the week (including programs of side events) – Uploaded on 15 May 2019

Agenda Item

Session Topic

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1 Opening of 8th System Council Meeting Document SC8-01: Adopted Agenda

Document: SC8-01A: Annotated Agenda

2 Implementing CGIAR Business Plan 2019-2021 with a view to 2030 Document SC8-02: Business Plan Status
3 Roadmap for the CGIAR 2030 Plan: Opportunities for strategic input Document SC8-03, Rev 1: Roadmap-2030Plan
4 Reflections from ISDC Interim Chair and SPIA Chair Presentation: SPIA strategic directions and updates by Karen Macours Professor, Paris School of Economics & INRA Chair, SPIA

Presentation: ISDC Interim Chair reflections on the landscape ahead SC8 Addis Ababa

5 Strengthening gender equality in CGIAR’s workplaces Document SC8-04: Update – Workplace Gender
6 CGIAR’s Independent Advisory services Document SC8-05: Advisory Services Transition Matters
7 Introducing operational elements to advance past SC decisions and discussions Document SC8-07: SPIA Module
Document SC8-08 (Revision 1): Crops to End Hunger Module
Document SC8-09: Special Alliance Fund
Document SC8-10: FinPlan 2019-2021 Guidance
8 SC engagement flexibilities for new funder opportunities Document SC8-11: SC Funder Opportunities
9 System Council decision session Document: SC8-12: ISDC Nominations Panel
10 Other Business

Other documents for information purposes
System Council Electronic Decision Points since SC7 – Uploaded on 30 April 2019

Additional resources
CGIAR System 2019-2021 Business Plan

All meeting documents