Diversification in East and Southern Africa

In 2023, Ukama Ustawi (UU)’s activities in Kenya focused on enhancing agricultural productivity, resilience, and sustainability through educational outreach, capacity building, and direct support to agribusinesses. UU promoted sustainable agricultural practices, including sustainable intensification and conservation techniques, and conducted educational outreach to sensitize farmers on new technologies. UU built capacity in interpreting climate data and the role of index insurance and micro-credit, and offered training on crop diversification and nutrition. A simulation game was developed to aid in understanding farmer decision-making, alongside enhancing agro-advisory content. UU also supported agribusinesses, particularly women and youth-led enterprises, by integrating them into the supply chain and providing necessary technical assistance. Additionally, UU conducted research to inform future agricultural policies and practices.

In 2024, UU is gearing up for another ambitious year in Kenya with several milestone initiatives aimed at enhancing sustainable agriculture and empowering local farmers. The development of a farmer simulation game, in collaboration with Usiku Games, will help understand farmer decision-making in climate risk management, including aspects like insurance. To better tailor technological solutions to farmer needs, UU will conduct surveys among the farming communities. Another major effort includes the scaling of Orange-fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) varieties using demonstration plots to facilitate technology transfer concerning both production and utilization. UU will also forge strategic partnership models across East African businesses to bolster regional agricultural frameworks. The co-design and pilot testing of climate-smart socio-technical innovation bundles by Kenyan farmers will advance resilience and empowerment, with a quantitative tool already developed in partnership with local stakeholders. Efforts to optimize irrigation designs and establish best practices for Agricultural Water Management (AWM) are also on the agenda, along with the development of a gender guide to foster digital inclusion among farmers.


  • Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA)
  • Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA)
  • Mercy Corps Kenya
  • Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN)
  • Pan African Bean Research Alliance (PABRA)
  • Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS)
  • Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KARLO)
  • iShamba: Farmer information service
  • The Mediae Company
  • Usiku Games
  • Kuza Biashara
  • The Rallying Cry
  • International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC)
  • People’s Action for Inclusive Development (PAfID)
  • Solidaridad
  • African Conservation Tillage Network (ACTN)
  • Hello Tractor Kenya Limited
  • Wageningen University & Research (WUR)
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